1. Program launch

‘Kick-off’ introducing the structure and aligning all local programme stakeholders.


2. Initiation

Step with an objective: get acquainted with the home plant and the cement manufacturing process while being guided by mentors and supported by Plant Management.


3. Cement basics

CRH develops and delivers technical training with the objective to help trainees acquire basic cement manufacturing knowledge, build a network with colleagues from different European countries and visit other plants.


4. Progress

Applying basic cement manufacturing knowledge in your own daily job. Work on your own individual project and defend it in front of the Plant Management Team.


5. Management basics

International Training event with the purpose of acquiring basic management skills related to plant work. A two-week networking opportunity with participants and international technical experts and an opportunity to present your own project to programme stakeholders.


6. Performance

Application of acquired knowledge in your own daily job and delivering high performance while being supervised by your manager and supported by your mentor. Assessment and selection of best-in-class participants to be selected for Step 7.


7. Mobility

Twelve-month development assignment at a host plant to enhance the acquired professional and management knowledge and broaden the participant’s horizons through exposure to a different work environment and culture.